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Infiniti's dedication to its customers does not end at the time you take one of our luxury vehicles home. That is why Infiniti designed the Exclusiviti Program. Infiniti recognizes that the potential Infiniti owner desires to make their experience an extraordinary one that luxury vehicle owners come to expect and deserve. The Infiniti Exclusiviti Program offers Infiniti customers exclusive access to other service and product makers dedicated to innovative, extraordinary ownership or service experience as a new Infiniti owner.
Infiniti is dedicated to innovation, inspiration, and challenging the status quo of luxury and seeks out product and service partners dedicated to the same. The Infiniti Exclusiviti program offers and benefits are developed exclusively for Infiniti Exclusiviti members and range from personalized luxury travel, accommodation, and tour providers to private designer shopping experiences. Infiniti Exclusiviti members will have an array of unique offers, as Infiniti continues to seek out new, inspiring luxury partners throughout the program.
In order to qualify for the program's special offers, you must have purchased or leased any Infiniti vehicle and added a valid VIN to your Owner Portal account, as detailed below. The redemption of your Infiniti Exclusiviti benefits varies from partner to partner. Benefits may be limited in quantity, are at the discretion of each participating partner and can change at any time.
No. Infiniti Exclusiviti membership is a complimentary program to accompany the purchase or lease of any Infiniti vehicle. Most partner offers require a purchase to receive a gift or discount. If you choose to take advantage of a partner offer through the Exclusiviti program, please be sure to read all of the partner offer requirements. You can readily view all specific requirements, which are listed within each specific partner page.
The Infiniti Exclusiviti Program will continue to seek out and partner with the best and most luxurious partners in an effort to keep your Infiniti ownership experience exciting and fresh. Partner promotions and offers may have date or timing limitations which vary from partner to partner. Any restrictions including expiration dates, or timing limitations can always be found on each partner's detailed offer or promotion page.
Current Infiniti owners are eligible for membership in the Infiniti Exclusiviti program. At the time of or soon after your purchase or lease of any Infiniti vehicle, you will receive a detailed information packet on the Exclusiviti Program. You will need certain information, such as your vehicle identification number (or "VIN"), when activating your membership, so please read the information on how to locate your vehicle's VIN, below.
Infiniti Exclusiviti is reserved exclusively for current Infiniti owners. Infiniti reserves the right to discontinue the Infiniti Exclusiviti program at any time without notice and only those partner offers purchased prior to cancellation of the program will be honored.
Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is 17 characters long and can be found on your vehicle registration, your vehicle's title and on your owner's manual. It can also be found where your dashboard meets the windshield, or on the door-frame of the front doors (either driver's-side door or passenger's-side door).
Yes. If you were to discontinue your ownership or lease of an Infiniti vehicle, your membership in the Infiniti Exclusiviti benefits program would concurrently expire.
Membership is transferable only to the owner's spouse or partner. It does not transfer with the vehicle if traded in on the purchase of a non-Infiniti-brand vehicle or sold by the owner in a private sale.
If you'd like to be removed from the Infiniti Exclusiviti program mailing list, simply call the Exclusiviti concierge at 866.793.5714 for assistance. You can also complete the information on the Contact page and request your removal from the mailing list.

*Restrictions apply. Membership is subject to availability. Infiniti reserves the right to cancel the Exclusiviti Program at any time.